Jon Hiseman’s Journey In The Time Machine

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Album by Album

by Martyn Hanson

“…packed with stories, revelations and insights…”

Chris Welch

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Jon Hiseman's Journey In The Time MachineJon Hiseman’s Journey In The Time Machine: Album By Album, by Martyn Hanson, published by Temple Music Publishing. Hanson also wrote the celebrated biography Playing the Band: The Musical Life Of Jon Hiseman.

“The purpose of this book is three fold,” explains Hanson. “Firstly, it is to place in stark relief the incredible, varied recorded legacy that Jon Hiseman left. This was something that Playing The Band neither could nor was intended to do. Secondly, it is to encourage fans to seek out the lesser-known works to which Jon contributed. Lastly, to explore aspects of Jon’s career that were not included in Playing The Band at all”.

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  1. Admin

    Phil Parker’s review gives “Jon Hiseman’s Journey in The Time Machine” a huge thumbs up ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    “So this advance, eagerly anticipated, copy of the book…Jon Hiseman’s Journey in The Time Machine, drops though the letter box. My good fortune attributed partly to having a Colosseum related anecdote therein, but primarily due to conducting an early PDF proof read for author, Martyn Hanson.

    The initial tactile impression is a feel of quality. From the glossy pics to the satin-like print, this is a volume of work which grabs your attention.

    It follows Martyn’s earlier biographic…Playing The Band, which was almost a ‘This is Your Life’ resumé of Jon’s (then) ongoing story. Eamon Andrews or Michael Aspel could have used it as an episode reference manual.

    And as the 4th anniversary of Jon’s passing looms, this new work likewise provides a page perfect directory, but in this case, of his vast recorded performance history, covering albums, film, video, radio recordings, TV appearances and more.

    All chronologically listed and described in absorbing detail, each era interjected with eyewitness tales of those (like me) who were there at the time, and all placed in context with a list of other albums released around the same juncture. That, for me, was a real memory jogger, because I’d bought many of those mentioned, myself. It also highlighted lots of collaborations of which I had been previously unaware. Another source of onward research for me.

    To sum up: This is effectively the definitive Performance Bible of our much revered Saint Jon and no self respecting aficionado of his career can afford to be without it.”

  2. Admin

    Review from Hi-Fi World magazine

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